The best research, databases and systems are meaningless without the right combination of people.

Dinan & Company has attracted and retained a talented group of dedicated professionals with extensive expertise in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Our experienced team fully understands the complicated M&A process, and effectively works together to achieve each clients’ optimal objective.

We have proven results in identifying and executing on a variety of M&A transactions including: opportunistic platforms, strategic add-ons, industry consolidation/roll-ups and CEO directed acquisition strategies.

As we feel it is critical to success, we provide senior-level service and attention on all engagements, regardless of the size or scope.

Dinan & Company has enjoyed steady growth since being founded in 1988, with a current staff of over 70 professionals. Biographies of our senior professional staff are outlined herein.

Executive Officers
Michael A. Dinan
John G. Kelly
Nancy Dinan Martinez
Jon M. Calderone
William R. Downing
Thomas B. Main
Robert A. Ullman

Vice Presidents
Jason J. Hawley
Nathan D. Jacobs
Michael A. Pucci
Jeffrey J. Reichard
Senior Associates
Matthew Phelan
Mark Wandrey
Joshua Ward

Matthew Cooper
Trevor A. Courtney
Wade G. Bennett
W. Colton Dow
Corey M. Goldstein
Nakoma G. Goodeyon
Michael Hilcove
Chris G. Hoffmann
Gavin Hoffmann
Curtis Jessen
Cole Lewallen
Michael A. Rickey
Aaron Shah
Michael J. Reister
Blake J. Valdez
William Woods
Heemani Chopra
Sachin Dutt
Naveen Gulati
Vaibhav Jayal
Bhavna Malhotra
Mohit Mehta
Navin Mishra
Shyam Mohan
Mayank Singh Negi
Sudha Sharma
Ruchi Gogia
Akshita Sharma
Parveen Kumar
Amandeep Singh

Tarun Rana
Ruchi Chawla
Supriya Ahuja

Teresa L. Dinan
Sandra A. Ogurchak
Holly L. Storms

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